Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know before joining St Sam's?
The charming but voluble members of Saint Sam's often generate a large volume of mail, which can, alas, cause people leave the list. If you join, please exercise restraint and avoid unnecessary posts, particularly during periods of high traffic. These are, however, just guidelines, so don't let them stop you from contributing.

If possible (and generally it is possible) please limit contributions to discussions of Anglican matters, and always be respectful to other subscribers; private discussions unrelated to the topic should not be sent to the list. Please don't send posts just saying 'I agree,' 'Me, too,' or 'Amen, Rev.' Nobody will know what you're responding to, you'll be wasting some subscribers' money, and you will be adding nothing to the discussion. Explain yourself, think new thoughts, explore possibilities, challenge wrong beliefs, make lists of good books, go into detail. Don't put in your two cents' worth--make it more like a dollar (or pound, or rand, or mark, or whatever). You'll post fewer items but more meaningful ones this way.

On the other hand, please limit the amount of included material: you may generally assume that readers have already seen a post to which you are responding, so only quote as much as required for establishing a context.
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Read all your mail before replying: someone else may already have answered a question or made the same point.

Is there an archive of posts?
You can read the Anglican List Archives. You can also follow threads or track posts by author. The author and thread posts are archived at this web site.

What is the pictorial directory?
Although our selves (perhaps ideally what we communicate when we type and send messages) are undoubtedly more important in the sight of God than what our outward shells look like, it may be excusable (and human) to want to put faces to names of people we have come to know and like.

The St Sam's pictorial directory is similar to a photographic parish directory. Members who choose to do so can submit, through a variety of ways, a photo of themselves to have uploaded to the directory. Visit the directory to learn how to become a part of it. You'll find everything there.
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Where can I get more help?
If you have any further questions about St Sam's or if you have problems subscribing, unsubscribing, or changing your mail options, please post one of the list owners, which you can do by clicking one of the names below and sending a brief email describing your difficulty:

Charles Smith
Sally Mullock


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