St Sam's Intercessions

+ For Our List+

O God, this list has evolved greatly from its early beginnings. We are an extension of your Kingdom. Please accept our prayers for all those on this list. Amen.

O God, you have bound us together in a common life.   Help us, in the midst of our struggles for justice and truth, to confront one another without hatred or bitterness, and to work together with mutual forbearance and respect; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (David Silek)

+For the Church+

for all those killed and living with the threat of terrorism (8/8);
for the Anglican communion (20/6);
for all those preparing for or advancing in Holy Orders: Ann Capers Limehouse, Todd Mashlan, Graeme Lamb, Brooke Lester, Marcia Gibbons, and Joe Mock, and all others who work to clarify God's call: Timothy Watson, Scott Knitter

+ For all Religious in their life of prayer +

We pray for Sisters Elias Freeman, Cyndy Anderson

+For the world+

Prayers in memory of those who died on September 11, 2001 in the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon of the United States and the flight that was forced down in Pennsylvania. Hold hem close to you God we pray.

Prayers for those in the path of Rita, another potential hurricane in the South Atlantic headed for Florida and further on.

Prayers for all those working in New Orleans, for those who are under medical care because of Katrina, for the military, police, firemen, and others helping to clean up New Orleans and other parts of the Gulf Shore and for all those in shelters far from home. May God grant peace to all those who have suffered so much following the hurricane which hit the Gulf Shore of the United States.


Sunday 18-Sep-2005     18 Pentecost 
Psalm: 119:145-160    Acts 21:27-36
PRAY for the Diocese of Shyira - (Rwanda) The Rt Revd John Rucyahana Kabango
Monday 19-Sep-2005 
Psalm: 104:1-23    Acts 21:37-22:21
Shyogwe - (Rwanda) The Rt Revd Jered Kalimba
Tuesday 20-Sep-2005 
Psalm: 104:24-35    Acts 22:22-29
Raiwind - (Pakistan) The Rt Revd Samuel Azariah
Sialkot - (Pakistan) The Rt Revd Samuel Pervez Sant Masih
Wednesday 21-Sep-2005     St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist 
Psalm: 105:1-15    Gen 37:1-11
Suffragan Bishop of Singapore - (South East Asia) The Rt Revd John Tan
Thursday 22-Sep-2005 
Psalm: 106:1-8, 43-48    Gen 37:12-24
Sittwe - (Myanmar) The Rt Revd Barnabas Theaung Hawi
Suffragan Bishop of Sittwe - (Myanmar) The Rt Revd Aung Tha Tun
Friday 23-Sep-2005 
Psalm: 107:1-16    Gen 37:25-36
Sodor & Man - (York, England) The Rt Revd Graeme Knowles
Saturday 24-Sep-2005 
Psalm: 107:17-32    Acts 22:30-23:11
Sokoto - (Province of Kaduna, Nigeria) The Rt Revd Augustine Omole
+For our listsibs+

We pray:
for Allan Carr seeing a neurologist and in pain (18/9);
for Jackie O'Sullivan following an interview for a job that she would like to have (18/9);
for Ann Markle as she mourns her eldest brother John (18/9);
For Ann Capers Limehouse, was was Ordained Deacon in South Carolina (11/9);
for Charles Smith as he continues to recover his strength after his bout with cellulitis (11/9);
for Sheila Ketler, her mother Marjorie and the rest of the family (11/9);
for Mother Christy Brothers as she undergoes chemo treatment (21/8);
for John Farrell fighting cellulitis (21/8);
for Glenn in pain (31/7);
for Sheila Ketler and her family (31/7);
for Cyndy (10/7);

+ For our Family and Friends +

We pray:
for the children locked in cages in Ohio (18/9);
for Peter Park's  friend Anne Reynolds of Merrick, Long Island, who was hurt in an auto accident a couple of months ago. She has sustained a number of serious injuries to her jaw, chhek, and neck, and faces a year or more of very grueling, arduous, painful treatment and thetrapy, which might not even be very successful. Please pray for a successful course of treatment, for a minimization of pain in her treatment--and, if possible, deo volente, a miracle! (11/9);
for Jeffry Barnes' 87 year old  deacon, Dora, who was flown to the Rapid City hospital early last Friday  morning.  She's very weak and not doing well  at all.  Dora has served the church well, and was one of the  first two Lakota women deacons in the church (the other was her  friend Rose, who died in 2002). (4/9);
for Iva, an aspirant for Holy Orders from the reservation Jeffry
Barnes ministers to.  She suffered her second stroke (the first was the night  before Rose mentioned above's funeral).  Iva lost her son in a tragic  truck accident two months ago and has been under tremendous stress. (4/9);
for Carol Marsh's for1st cousin Susan McNutt Chacon, her husband Roland and severely mentally-disabled son, Michael. They live in Kenner, LA near the New Orleans Airport (4/9);
for Charlie's niece McKenzie still in a coma in the hospital in
Michigan (4/9);
for Helen, Jim Oppnheimer's mother in law (4/9);
for Ron Bennett-Aronson and Katrin Bennett-Aronson (28/8);
for Ron's racing partner Lloyd Silacci who had a heart attack is in the hospital for further tests. While speaking to his wife Mimi learned that she had recently had Cancer surgery and there is still a spot on her liver. She is currently considering whether to undergo Chemo or wait to see how fast it grow . Please pray for both Lloyd and June for both recovery and to ease their decision making and worry. (28/8);
for the speedy and full recovery of Peter Park's friend Bruce Cathey of New York City who has come down with a severe
adult case of shingles, reactivating a childhood bout of chickenpox (21/8);
for McKenzie (Charlie's niece) as she recuperates from her surgery following the accident (21/8);
for Patrick, a young man of Barbara Colt's parish, who has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is struggling with the emotions involved. (31/7);
for Catherine daughter of Juliann Tarsney in Sweden and returning home (31/7);
for Herkie O'Donnell who was admitted to Alleghany Hospital in Pittsburgh because he isn't getting enough oxygen to his heart. (31/7);
for John Morningstar's partner Duane, his friends, the people of Alfred (tiny town of not even 2,000) and the diocese as we adjust to life without this John Morningstar, this vital, involved, loving man.(3/7);

+For the departed+

We pray:
for John Markle (brother of Ann) (18/9);
for Shirley Carter who died after a long, brave struggle filled with a vibrant and shining faith would be appreciated. All who knew her were inspired by faith in the darkest times - and her concern even to the very last with the needs of others. Please pray also for her bereaved older sister Marie who now has no living blood relation.(18/9);
for the repose of the soul of Tiffany and comfort for those who loved her (28/8);
for Haley Hilderbrand was having her picture taken with a Siberian Tiger, when it killed her.  Please pray for the repose of Haley's soul (21/8);
for Kurt Messick's great uncle Robert, may he rest in peace and rise in glory (31/7);
for Maj. Arthur Dale Baker, who died at the age of 31 in 1965 when shot down over Laos, whose remains have finally been 
identified and who will be laid to rest in Longview, TX tomorrow. Please pray for the healing of his family, especially his sister, Susan  Powell. (31/7);
for Charles Chibitty, the last surviving Comanche "code talkers." May he rest in peace and rise in glory. (31/7);
for all those who died following the bombs exploding in the
Underground in London, England (10/7);

+We give thanks+

for Ann Capers Limehouse as she completes her deacon training (21/8);
for Joe Mock being ordained (21/8);
for Stephen Victor's friends Bryan and Jen celebrating his 31st
birthday - a whole year since the tumor was resectioned 8/8);
for the safe return of the Russian sailors in their trapped submarine for the beauty of the earth and the glory of God in our lives.

    +for our animal friends+

prayers for Kurt Messick's cat Silver (28/8);
for Ann Markle's dog Tessa and that she may return safely (8/8);

+ Concluding Collect +
O God, be with us as we come together on this list; grant us wisdom as we write; compassion as we read; and above all, discernment in our actions, so that what we may write, or think, or do may come from your Holy Spirit, reflect in all ways your will and in all things be to your glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
(Composed by Sharon Brown 9 Feb. 2000)

    Trust in God: miracles happen!
When requesting prayers, please *begin* the subject
line of your e-mail message with the word "Prayer"
so the prayer requests can be placed in the
summary easily.
An "ordinary" prayer request (illness, etc.) that is not updated will drop off in thirty days. Such things as major world or Church situations may   remain longer or shorter times, at the judgement of the  person doing the Summary.

We are going to attempt to maintain a publication  schedule of

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